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Why Wood Pellets? Find Answers

Lean Burning: Wood Pellets provide the cleanest burn of any solid fuel.

High Heat: Substantially higher BTU value per cubic foot.

Low Ash: 40 pounds of wood pellets produces only 3 ounces of ash.

Efficient: More efficient than cordwood due to their lower moisture content.

Michigan Wood Pellet was founded in 2006 with facilities in Northern Michigan, to directly serve Northern Michigan consumers. We are revolutionizing the wood pellet industry for home heating, by providing an inexpensive and readily available product to the local market. 

"$100 Off Green Mountain Pellet Grills" 03-Jun-13
Father's Day sale on Green Mountain Pellet Grills. Get $100 off any grill between now and Father's Day, call 1-888-8-PELLET to order!

"Pellet Stoves and Pellet Grills Now in Stock!!!" 23-Jan-13
Call now for information on Cumberland and Paromax pellet stoves and Green Mountain pellet grills! 1-888-8-PELLET or 989-348-4100

Solutions for Storage
Bulk Storage Solutions Coming Soon!

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