Pizza Oven Attachment – Full Kit

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What could be better than getting the entire family around the kitchen to make personal pan pizzas? Everyone gets what they want, the craft and cleanup is simple, and you spend quality time as a family. Have a blast crafting your own signature pie this Mother’s Day! It could just become a yearly tradition!

As a bonus to the moms out there, we’re offering this deal to you!*

Most places will offer you this oven in parts and hope you have what you need to enjoy the experience. We here at MWP are putting all the necessary components together for you to be the successful chef you imagine from day one. Included in this kit are the following:

  • Stainless steel pizza oven base and removable lid
  • Pizza stone with airflow design
  • IR Temp Gun
  • Pizza Peel from GMG


*While supplies last.

Out of stock


The new hotness (pun mildly intended). This attachment converts your Daniel Boone or Jim Bowie into an artisan pizza oven in a matter of seconds. Just simply remove the grates, drip tray, and heat shields and drop in the oven. You’ll be making perfect pizzas with friends and family in minutes.

Not feeling pizza tonight? Sear steaks, flash cook Ahi Tuna, or perfectly crust a swordfish steak. This stone has more to it than meets the eye!

***Note: this attachment NEEDS an IR gun to measure the stone temperature. This thing gets hot in a jiffy and can run away from you up to 1000Deg.F  from our experiences. 700 is better for pizza and thin crust is the easiest to cook. Frozen pizzas are engineered to bake, so a lower temp will be needed to cook those properly on this attachment.


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