Lehigh and Blashak Coal – Nut or Rice


Blaschak has been a name synonymous with quality for decades when it comes to heating coal. Simply put, you can’t find a better quality coal out there on the market! Be sure to ask us about our delivery options based on your location. Give us a delivery address and we’ll give you a quote today!

Call to order! – 1-888-8-PELLET


A classic solid fuel dense with BTUs. It clocks in at a whopping 12,500 BTU/lbs. Lesser known to most people is that Anthracite coal actually passes all EPA emission standards. That makes Anthracite even cleaner to burn than firewood out of more analog wood burning stoves!

We sell our coal by the ton with the majority of our pallets weighing 1.2 tons.

We also offer our coal in two different sizes; rice or nut sizes. If you have an auto-feeding furnace, chances are good that you’re burning rice coal.


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