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These bricks are made out of the wood waste residuals from a hardwood manufacturing facility that works in primarily Oak, Hickory, and Maple. These bricks are around 5% moisture content (3 times lower than year-seasoned firewood) and therefore spend less energy boiling off water. The result is a BTU output unmatched by any other firewood product out there.

If you can damper down the flu of your stove, these babies will keep you with hot coals the entire night. Gone are the days of getting up at 2 a.m. to stoke and feed the stove. Some highly efficient stoves get up to 12 hours of heat from these bricks!

Each pallet comes with 96 6-packs of bricks for a total of 576 bricks. Each 6-pack weighs just over 20lbs meaning each brick is over 3lbs in weight. This is the ideal size to ensure a hot burn that lasts much longer than the smaller 2lbs bricks; just ask anyone who has burned those smaller bricks.

Extremely economical, each one-ton pallet of Enviro-Bricks is equivalent to one cord of wood, but takes up half the amount of space. They are also 100% hardwood meaning that they are food safe to cook with on your next camping adventure!

As an added bonus, since all the wood has been kiln dried prior to production there are no insects you are bringing into your home once you receive your delivery. Nor is there any threat of transferring invasive species such as the Emerald Ash Borer as a result. Toss in that these bricks are carbon neutral as a heat source and you just simply cover all the bases here.


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